The information in this family tree has been obtained from many different sources. At this point I am still in the data entry phase, and I intend to back up the information with sources wherever possible once I have completed the data entry. Please be aware that errors may exist in the tree. I would appreciate knowing about any items that you believe are incorrect or questionable.

I personally have no experience whatsoever with genealogy work. At this stage, I am more of a compiler of information than a researcher. I have many people to thank for the information within this tree, including most notably, Gay Logan and my brother, Conrad Denke. I have also been integrating in information obtained from other family trees on the internet, many other Denkes and Denke descendants, as well as the Social Security Death Index. I have not been as careful as I would like to have been about documenting my sources. I have no doubts that there are errors in the tree.

-Alan Denke, webmaster