August Denke Family

This first photo was taken in the early 1930s (probably around 1934) and is of August and Rosina Denke and their children and their first Grandchild.

Top row: John Denke, Theodore Heinrich, Albert Denke, Reinhold Denke, Robert A. Denke, Rose (Helms) Denke, Emil Denke, Elizabeth (Drewitz) Denke, Henry Denke.

Middle row: Anna (Denke) Heinrich, Brigitta (Denke) Geigle

Front row: August Denke, Laverne Heinrich, Rosina (Schuler) Denke


This is a photo of August and Rosina Denke:


Anna (Denke) Heinrich's Family:

Top row: Betty Heinrich, Dennis Heinrich, LaVerne Heinrich

Bottom row: Theodore Heinrich, Anna (Denke) Heinrich, Gerold (or Jerold?) Heinrich


Henry Denke's family:

Top row: Adella Denke, Daniel Denke, Christina Denke, Alice Denke

Bottom row: Henry Denke, Elizabeth (Drewitz) Denke


Reinhold Denke's family (50th anniversary photo 4/1981):

Top row: Marvin Denke, Leland Denke, Herman Denke, Byron Denke, Donald Denke

Middle row: Loretta (Denke) Brendlinger, Cerella (Denke) Overgard, Gailya (Denke) Logan

Bottom row: Reinhold Denke, Rose (Helms) Denke


Reinhold & Rose Denke (also from 50th Anniversary):


Click here for more photos of Reinhold Denke's children


Robert Denke's family:

Top row: Darlene Denke, Glenn Denke, Bill Denke, Joyce Denke, Eileen Denke

Bottom row: Robert Denke, Paul Denke, Tillia (Eisenbraun) Denke


John Denke and Bertha (Geigle) Denke:


Brigitta (Denke) Geigle's family:

Top row: Carl Geigle, Alvina Geigle, August Geigle

Bottom row: Brigitta (Denke) Geigle, Otto Geigle, Marlene Geigle


Albert Denke:


Emil Denke (1970):