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This page is dedicated to family stories, biographies and other stories of interest.

1. This is a link to a website for Falls County Texas Biographies. There is a project there to post on the internet several stories relating to individuals in Falls County. This is a biography of Austin Daniel Brian, who was the husband of Lydia Denke b 5/9/1915, daughter of Paul Denke and Auguste Inselmann. There is some information on Lydia Denke and her children here: .

2. This is a family story written by Reinhold Denke, father of Gailya (Denke) Logan who has collected a large amount of genealogy data and stories about Denkes over the years. This is a rather humbling story about how difficult it was for immigrants to make the trip to America and build a life for themselves here. I had to scan the story in and use OCR software because it was written on a typewriter, so I did edit it a bit in the process. If anyone wants a copy in its original form, write to me and I can send you one. The Odyssey of the Denke Family by Reinhold Denke.

3. The Federal Writer's Project was a government sponsored attempt to employ writers during the depression and preserve some memories of America's heritage. This is an interview from the Federal Writer's Project with a man name Charles Weibush, who was born in Texas in 1873 and witnessed, firsthand the formation of the German Settlement in Perry, Texas where Bertholde and Paul G. Denke settled in the mid to late 1880's. The Denke's are mentioned only once in this story, but I found it interesting to see exactly how small German settlements developed in the West. The story details the life of a true "cowboy" (whether you believe all of the details or not), and I should warn you that it has one fairly racist paragraph in it.The Baron Max Von Bethmann-Hollweg mentioned in the interview was the legal guardian of Paul Denke after they arrived in Texas. I have included the hyperlinks to the scans of the actual typewritten pages, so in case you are wondering if the language is correct (I found a couple of mistakes myself but didn't bother to check the whole document), you can look it up. Weibush Interview

4. This is a letter from Brigitta Schott to Gay Logan written in the early 1980s. Brigitta is a descendant of Martha Denke, who was the twin sister of Martin Denke (Martin Denke was the father of August Denke whose story is detailed above in the Odyssey of the Denke Family by Reinhold Denke. Again, the letter is not in its orginal form, and I can provide a copy of the original to anyone who asks. Martha Denke History.

5. This is a brief story of the family of John Denke (born Johann Denke). John Denke was one of the children of Martin Denke. John Denke and Family.