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1. Christian Frederick Denke was a Moravian missionary to the Delaware and Chippewa Indians in the early 1800s. He may be the earliest Denke born in America, having been born in Pennsylvania in 1775. Among other accomplishments, he translated and wrote religious works into Native American languages.

2. Karl Denke was a serial killer in Munsterberg, Germany in the early 1920s. Warning! - the information on Karl Denke is nothing short of disgusting and should not be read by anyone sensitive to this sort of thing.


1.  Debbie Denke is an accomplished Jazz Pianist and Teacher. This is link to her home page.

2. Melissa Mercado-Denke is my wife. Melissa is a Seattle florist and owner of Campanula Design Studios, Campanula Design Studio specializes in custom floral design and curated luxury gift baskets featuring organically grown fruit, flowers, and small batch handmade artisan gifts. Everything is sustainably & ethically sourced. She provides wedding flowers and gifts, client or employee appreciation gifts, holiday gifting options, and flowers for any occasion. Daily delivery to the Greater Seattle area including Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina, Mercer Island, and more."   If you're looking for some Valentine's Day Flowers or a Valentine's Day Gift Basket, you've come to the right place.

3. Bill Barnfield is my cousin. He is the son of my aunt Naomi Denke. Bill is owner and president of Barnfield Performance Ltd., a Hawaii Corporation with two divisions, Proglass and Raging Isle.  Bill is a well known North Shore, surfer and surfboard Designer/Shaper, as well as an accomplished athlete.

4. Nick Denke is my brother. This is a link to the website for his band, Ivan.

5. Kurt Denke is also one of my brothers. He is an attorney, and has recently started an internet-based business that sells high-quality audio and video cable.

6. Conrad Denke is yet another one of my brothers. He is the owner of a large video production facility. His wife, Laura Denke is the author of a couple of books.

7. Dr. Mark S. Denke is the Assistant Executive Director of the Arizona Board of Regents for Academic and Student Affairs.

8. Lisa Denke  is an engineer and works in the Bakersfield, California Area.



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