Barbara Russell's family:

This is a photo of my mother's grandparents, Eugene Avery Jones and Florence Antoinette Tracy. This is reportedly a wedding photo, which would place it around 1886:

Here is another, individual photo of Antoinette "Nettie" Florence (Tracy) Jones:

Here is a "Farewell Daughter" poem written by Antoinette Florence Tracy's Grandfather, Lewis Irish. The poem is believed to have been written to her mother, Horatia Menina (Irish) Tracy, when she left Pennsylvania to move to Wisconsin, most likely never to be seen by her father again. Click here to see the original paper, handwritten in 1850.

Go Holy Book and guide my child 

For now my duty's o'er

She now embarks on life's rough sea

Far off the distant shore

All boisterous now the sea of time

And we asunder driven 

The tide rolls high and we must die 

O shall we meet in Heaven

O Blessed God we bow to thee

Though parting thus afflicts us 

While land and streams and deep ravines 

Must shortly lie betwixt us

Go this Blessed chart and compass to 

I now must trust her soul 

Go run the race through Heaven by grace 

And search the peaceful goal

I may get there while she yet lives 

Or she may go before 

It matters not if Heaven's our lot 

When this vain life is o'er

Lewis Irish Albion, Erie Co., PA May 5th 1850

Here is a photo which includes Horatia Menina (Irish) Tracy, whom the poem was written for. She was my Great-Great Grandmother:

Left to Right: Jean Tracy (Andrew's widow), Estella (Tracy) Linderman, Horatia Menina (Irish) Tracy, Alexander Dorman Tracy, Antoinette Florence (Tracy) Jones, Adele (Tracy) Best


This is a photo of the grave stone in Bristow, Iowa for Alexander Dorman Tracy and Horatia Menina (Irish) Tracy:

This is a photo of some of the descendants of A.D. and Horatia Tracy:

Back: Jess (daughter-in-law to Stella in front row), Doris (Jones) Russell (my Grandmother)

Front: Antoinette "Nettie" (Tracy) Jones, Stella Inez (Tracy) Linderman, Frances Adele "Dell" (Tracy) Best


This is a photo of the grave site of Eugene Avery Jones:

This is a another photo of Eugene Avery Jones:

This photo is of Catherine Marilla Hewitt, who was the mother of Eugene Avery Jones (above).

This is a photo of Charles Lewis Jones, who was married to Catherine Marilla Hewitt, and the father of Eugene Avery Jones:

This is a photo of the home of Charles Lewis Jones in Bristow, Iowa:

This is a photo taken in 1931 at the 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration of William Elliot Jones (son of Charles Lewis Jones) and Emeline (Page) Jones:

Left to Right: Ruth Inez (Jones) Vincent, Emeline (Page) Jones, Blanche (Jones) Jungkunz

Here is another photo from the same event (Grandsons of Charles Lewis Jones):

Back: Ralph Jones, Keith Andrew Jones, Lloyd F. Jones

Front: Paul H. Jones

Here is another picture from this event:

Click here for a temporary description of who's who in this picture until I get it all figured out in my head

Click here to see another series of photographs of the descendants of E.A.Jones and Nettie (Tracy) Jones

This is a photo of my Great-Grandfather, Sydney Augustus Russell, b 12/2/1846 in Portage, WI:

This is another photo of Sydney Augustus Russell in his civil war uniform. He is standing on the extreme left:

This is a photo of Doris (Jones) Russell with three of her children:

Left to Right: Doris (Jones) Russell, John Russell, Joel Russell, Barbara Russell

This is a photo of C.M. Russell and his family taken in the mid 1960s:

Front Row: Tracy Russell, Steve Russell, Timothy Russell

Middle Row: C.M. Russell, Steve Russell, Lindy Russell, Doris Russell, Cindy Russell, Mark Russell

Back Row: Charles A., Jennifer, Carolyn, Lou, John M., Joel T., and Helen Russell


This is a photo of C.M. Russell and Doris (Jones) Russell at their 50th wedding anniverary celebration: