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This website was created in order to assist in genealogy research, specifically for those with the Denke surname. There is, however, information about other surnames here.

My name is Alan Christopher Denke, and I am always interested in hearing from people with the surname Denke (or people with ancestors with the last name Denke). You can email me at alan@denke.org.

Please visit the following pages for more information about Denke families and the name Denke:

Photos and documents page- a place for all of the miscellaneous Denke photos and documents I have. I would love more! Please send them to alan@denke.org

Family History - a place for Denke family stories. More are always welcome!

Notable Denkes - a place for information about Denkes in the world who have done something worth noting.

Etymology - for derivation of the name Denke.

Lost Denkes  - a resource for miscellaneous Denke information I find that doesn't connect to anything else.

Denke.org forum  - for leaving messages to others who may be doing Denke research.

Online family tree - I am still looking at making some improvements so I can link persons to pictures, stories and other information. If I run across other Denke's family trees that I cannot link to mine yet, I will also put those up here. If you have a family tree in electronic format that you would like me to post here, please try to send it in the GEDCOM format, although I will be happy to try to translate others.

My intention with this project is to send out mailings to Denkes worldwide  (I have a database of 269 families in Germany, 93 in the US, 2 in Austria, and 1 in Canada) looking for other Denke families and perhaps some connections.

Up until recently, I have tried to keep this website about genealogy only, but for those who are interetested, here is a link to my anti-spam page.

To search my website for a particular name (or phrase), type that name below and click on Search. The search isn't perfect, but it covers most pages.

I have been taking a break from the genealogy study lately as my work and family life has become very busy and complicated. I still try to answer email regarding genealogy issues, but it may require some patience to get an answer from me.

Lately, my wife has been working on a website at http://www.lawtonpalooza.com for our youngest child's school auction at Lawton Elementary School in Seattle, Washington.

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