Denke Photos and Documents

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I will place in this space any Denke related photos and historical documents that I can get my hands on. At the bottom I will also post non-Denke related pictures from my mother's family. Surnames in her family include, Russell, Jones, Tracy and Irish among others.

Click on this link: Julius Denke Family for photos of my family starting with my Great-Grandfather Julius. Julius immigrated to Wisconsin.

Click on this link: August Denke Family for photos of the family of August Denke who immigrated to South Dakota.

Click on this link: Elizabeth Denke Family for photos of her descendants. Elizabeth is the brother of August Denke (above), and immigrated to North Dakota.

Click on this link: Whilhelm Frederick Denke Family for photos of his descendants. Whilhelm Frederick Denke immigrated to Pennsylvania.

Click on this link: Joseph Edward Denke - at this point I have no family photos, but you will find a couple of articles about the interesting way that J. E. Denke I died.

Click on this link for some photos on my mother's side of the family: